What is the average price of an MMA training session? (Asian vs. American)

Many people think that MMA classes are expensive due to the coaching required. But you would be surprised to learn that they are often affordable and accessible for most people.

One Note from My Research

The finest way to determine the average cost of MMA classes in the United States was simply by comparing prices.

I dug into the MMA Hive archives to determine the cost of MMA classes or memberships.

Also, I decided to review my experience in MMA gyms in Asia to get a better idea of the cost and compare it to the USA pricing.

MMA Classes in the USA: How Much Does It Cost?

Below is a table with data I collected from 26 MMA clubs in the United States. It includes information from Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois. Let’s take a look at the pricing for classes.

Data is compiled from both single classes and day passes. However, it only covers a small portion of the data. You should also know that many MMA gyms offer a free trial class to allow you to try them out.

Note: The data in this article is accurate as of February 20,22, when it was sourced. You should get the most current pricing information from the gyms you are interested in.

First, getting a day pass or single-class prices from multiple MMA gyms isn’t easy. Many don’t offer single classes or day pass prices, or they don’t disclose that information.

Here’s what I found from a few examples.

Sam Colonna Boxing Gym charges $10 per day for a pass.

Northside Boxing Chicago charges $15 per day for access.

Another MMA gym I asked for was unwilling to reveal its pricing but charges $20 per day for a pass.

This puts the average day pass to a fighting gym cost $15. It is affordable enough to get started in MMA but needs to be more sustainable. A monthly membership might be a better choice if you are serious about training.

Let’s look at the most common pricing for MMA gyms in America: their monthly subscriptions.

Membership to MMA Gyms in the USA is $99

As a follow-up, I have also collected pricing for unlimited monthly memberships at various MMA gyms.

Some MMA gyms offer limited classes, while others provide unlimited access. However, I have tried to give an estimate of the cost of accessing the gym. This includes open gyms, classes, and so on.

Also, these prices are for Adult memberships. Prices for children’s memberships can vary (and are usually much lower).

GymMonthly Cost
Chicago MMA$199
Sam Colonna Boxing$120
Titan Gym$199.99
Northside Boxing$120
POW! Gym Chicago$175
Chicago Kickboxing Club$199
Aiki Training Hall$120
Valko BJJ$140
Anonymous Chicago Gym$185
Average Monthly Cost: $162

There are various prices, ranging from $120 to $200. Some gyms are more focused on specific fighting styles, such as BJJ. Monthly memberships for boxing or BJJ are often cheaper than those that focus on other types of fighting (e.g.

Mixed martial arts gyms that include multiple disciplines and trainers are more expensive than the average, at around $200.

Based on the data I collected, I found that the average monthly cost for a membership to an MMA gym was $162.

This is a fair price for those who work or are dedicated to their training. However, prices can vary between states and cities in the USA. This is especially true if you live closer to major cities like New York or Chicago.

My experience with MMA classes and training was mainly in Asia. I want to share that information here so you can see a broader range of mixed martial arts training costs around the globe.

MMA Classes & Cost of Membership in Asia

I started my martial arts journey in Asia, specifically in Indonesia. I have also trained at the top MMA gyms in Bali.

I was surprised at the price range of MMA classes. Some are affordable, while others are well-established and focused on tourists so they can charge a higher price.

No matter where you are, Bali, Indonesia coaches have a high level of experience. It is close to Thailand, where many of the best Muay Thai fighters were born. Many also travel to Bali to find new jobs or fight opportunities.

This table shows you the prices for MMA classes in Asia. I have selected a few gyms in Bali and converted their prices to US dollars.

GymDaily CostMonthly Cost
Soma Fight Club$14$125
Daily Gym$5.50$56
Synergy BJJ$14$105
Zealot MuayThai$10.50$105
Power Padz$10.50$105
Average: $12.80Average: $110

This data shows that the average daily pass to an MMA class in Asia is $12.80. A monthly membership to an MMA club in Asia costs approximately $110.

Comparing the monthly membership fees between Asia and America shows that Asia is slightly cheaper. It’s not an enormous difference. This is mainly due to mixed martial arts being popular in Asia as in the USA.

MMA is a popular sport in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. As with all things, the greater the demand, the more expensive a gym will be.

For me, however, the price of an MMA gym doesn’t matter as much. The most important thing is getting the training to help you progress and bring you joy.

Common Questions about MMA Classes

Let me address a few questions often asked by those considering MMA classes and memberships.

Are MMA classes worth it?

Taking MMA classes is well worth the $15-20 cost. Mixed Martial Arts training offers many benefits, such as self-defense skills, exceptional cardio benefits, weight loss, fat and body fat reduction, and greater confidence.

Taking mixed martial arts classes has helped me learn so much about myself and self-defense.

It can sometimes feel like you never stop learning in MMA. But that’s part of what makes it so beautiful and what makes it so worth it.

Is MMA expensive?

Some people find MMA classes expensive, with a monthly expense of between $150 and $200. For some, this may seem excessively high compared to their regular monthly payments. For the dedicated person, MMA classes can be highly beneficial.

It is up to you to decide if mixed martial arts are too costly for you. A monthly cost is acceptable if you can commit to multiple sessions per week, as it lowers the single-class price.

What is the cheapest martial art to learn?

Muay Thai, which requires minimal training equipment, is one of the most affordable martial arts. Boxing and Muay Thai gloves may be necessary, but you can learn the art of Muay Thai with just eight limbs.

Muay Thai is second in popularity, but Boxing is close behind. You can find a class anywhere and even rent gloves if your budget is tight.

Although martial arts such as Muay Thai and Kickboxing are less common in the USA, they are trendy across Asia. It is possible to lower the cost of classes if they are more easily accessible. This is where Boxing usually comes out on top against all other martial arts.

You can’t deny that Muay Thai uses your fists to land strikes. Boxing/Muay Thai gloves protect your hands. Muay Thai is the most cost-effective way to get your money’s worth. You don’t need any protective gear to use heavy bags or pads with a partner.

Shelby Reedy

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