Starting with the size, the platforms where the battle takes place in both combat sports include another distinction between boxing and MMA. A conventional boxing ring measures 16 to 20 feet between the ropes and 2 feet outside the ring, and it rises 3 to 4 feet from the ground, then is covered with roughly 1 inch of cushioning laid on stretched canvas.

However, the size of the MMA cage varies from that of the boxing ring. The UFC Octagon is 750 square feet in length, being exactly 30 feet across, 6 feet tall, and 4 feet in a circle.

The boxing ring provides an edge over the MMA Octagon in athletics. The corners of boxing rings allow fighters to trap their opponents, and it also enable talented fighters to parry and dodge strikes using the ring’s ropes as a maneuvering aid. There is no such edge in the MMA Octagon.

The Fundamentals

Although several organizations holding MMA events, such as the UFC, have special regulations that apply solely within the organization, MMA competitors must follow universal rules regardless of their competition. Some of these MMA regulations are opposed to boxing rules.

MMA Regulations

To overcome opponents, fighters can use legal striking, throws, and grappling tactics.
Throwing an opponent outside the cage on purpose is not permitted, and strikes to the crotch, back of the head, eye-gouging, biting, throat grabbing, head butts, and hair-pulling are all prohibited.

Boxing Regulations

The only method of assault allowed is punching with a clenched hand.
Strikes to the lower abdomen, kidneys, or the back of an opponent’s head are not authorized and will result in a penalty.
Further assaults and strikes are ceased after an opponent is knocked out.
A boxer hit with a low blow has up to five minutes to recuperate.
If an accidental foul stops the fight before the fourth round, the war is declared a “no contest” from the fifth round on. The judges’ cards determine the outcome of the fight.

Shelby Reedy

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